Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Representative : Brad Sherman

"We cannot provide genocide denial as one of the perks of friendship with the United States."

For me, this quote by Brad Sherman, expressed that Brad Sherman believes the United States is a very strong country, and should not be cowering or overlooking any problems it sees. It is the duty of the United States to protect all it can protect, and that the United States must be seen as a source of hope, instead of a spectator.

Furthermore, I also became confused as I looked at his page, because he seemed to be voting 'nay' at first then 'aye' second fro the SCHIP Extension Bill, which makes him seem indecisive to me. This impacts me in a bad way, because i wasn't aware that my representative was indecisive. I know I may be indecisive, but when you are working to represent other people I believe you have to be more decisive in your actions and in everything you do.

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